International Festival 2017 will be Held on Aug. 19 (Sat.)

Would you like to come to “International Festival 2017”.   It’s a new outdoor excitement with food, drink and entertainment.  Bring your friends or family and have fun together.
 1.  Date:  August 19th (Sat.)      from 4:30 to around 7:30 PM
 2. Place:  Sakura Square (JR Ujiie Station East Exit)
*Free Parking lots available nearby.
3. Entertainment:
(1) Performance of EISA, Okinawan music and folk dance by the students of Utsunomiya University
(2) African Dance by Silver Univ.
(3) Live MINYOU show by Ms. Mitsuyo Iimura
(4) JYANKEN championship.
(5)  Convivial, social time
4.  Participation fee:  None
You can buy FOOD or DRINK tickets for Japanese food and drinks available at quite reasonable price.
Non-Japanese participants and SCIA members will be given complimentary food & drink tickets of 400 yen value.
5.Anyone can join.  However, if you are a non-Japanese, reservation is recommended for food and drink quantity is limited.  Just call 028-681-2072 or send email via  following link: