Kitsuregawa Hot-Spring Resort is known for one of Japan’s top 3 hot springs for beautiful skin

The Kitsuregawa Hot Spring Resort is one of the “Nation’s Top 3 Hot Springs for Beautiful Skin”.  If you are 13 years old or older, you need to pay only 300 yen/bathe at Motoyu spa or Roten-buro (open-air bath).  Rate for an elementary school kid is 150 yen/bathe.  Motoyu Spa is open bet. 7:00 and 21:00 (closed 2nd Mon.)  Roten-buro is open bet. 8:00 and 21:00 from March to November;  9:00 to 21:00 from December to February (closed 1st Mon.)
Complimentary bus service to and from Motoyu and Roten-buro is available from Ujiie Station parking lot next to Sakura Square according to the following schedule.  The bus service is not available on Mondays.  In case a Monday falls on a holiday, no bus service is available on the following day.
*From Ujiie Station to Motoyu and Roten-buro:
9:25    11:05   13:45    15:25    16:40
*From Roten-buro to Ujiie Station:
8:50    10:15    13:05    14:35    16:10
* From Motoyu to Ujiie Station:
9:00    10:25    13:15    14:45    16:20