Registration for Human Resource Bank for Interpreters & Translators

If you are a bilingual or multilingual of Japanese and other languages, why not register for our Human Resource Bank for Interpreters and Translators?

  1. Download and read the outline of translator bank, then complete the registration form in Japanese and bring the form to SCIA office at e Plaza Ichibankan.
  2. When you are regarded as a qualified applicant after a brief interview, you will be a registered SCIA Interpreter or translator.
Download (通訳人材バンク要綱) Outline of Translator Bank (pdf.) – Japanese version only
(通訳人材バンク登録申請書) Translator bank registration form (pdf.) –Japanese version only

Registration for Host Family Bank

The purpose of SCIA Host Family Bank is to introduce Japanese culture to foreign visitors.
Therefore, only Japanese family will be registered as host family.

If you and your family are interested in having foreign guests who wish to visit or stay with a Japanese family in a Japanese home, why not register for SCIA Host Family Bank!
Registration is easy.

  1. Read the outline of host family bank, complete the registration form below and send the form to SCIA office. Mailing address is shown down below.
  2. If you are regarded as qualified host family, you will be a SCIA Host Family registrant.
Download (ホストファミリーバンク要綱) Outline of host family bank (pdf) – Japanese version only
(ホストファミリー登録申請書) Host family bank registration form (pdf) – Japanese version only

How to Use Human Resource Bank for Interpreters & Translators

Do you need a translator or an interpreter? SCIA may help you.
We will mediate a registered interpreter or translator when you need one. Feel free to contact us!
Just download and complete the Translator Request Form and mail it or bring it to the address shown below. We will set up a date for a brief interview.

Download Translator Request Form (pdf) – English version

Contact & Mailing Info.

Address e-Plaza Ichi-ban-kan
1857 Ujiie, Sakura City
TEL 028-681-2072
FAX 028-681-5758