Name Sakura City International Association (SCIA)
Chairman Tadao Takase
Date Established August 25th, 2005, when Sakura City was born by incorporating the two towns, Ujiie and Kitsuregawa.
Purpose To contribute to a global society at city level through various activities involving the residents regardless of their ethnic origins for multicultural coexistence.  It also provides educational programs and  cross-cultural events and supportive services for foreign residents as well.

Officers and Advisors

Title Name Organization
Chairman Tadao Takase
Deputy Chairman Seiichi Kato
Board Member Tadao Ebihara Kitsuregawa Japan-China Friendship Association
Board Member Noboru Kato Kitsuregawa Association of Commerce and Industry
Board Member Kanya Kikuchi Ujiie Association of Commerce and Industry
Board Member Toshiichi Kimijima Sakura International Friendship Club
Board Member Toshio Kuwashima Kampo-Tagore Association
Board Member Masahiro Okayasu Sakura City Kitsuregawa Middle School
Board Member Toshihide Sasanuma Sakura City Ujiie Middle School
Board Member Yasuo Shibui Kitsuregawa Association of Tourism
Board Member Keiko Suzuki Sakura City Museum Society
Board Member Kazuo Soeda Ujiie Association of Tourism
Board Member Atsushi Takano Guitar maker/guitar specialist
Board Member Yoko Taniguchi Civil Activity Support Group
Board Member Michiko Tetsuka Sakura Local Women’s Society
Board Member Shinichi Tetsuka Ujiie Rotary Club
Board Member Katsuyuki Fukuda Ujiie Lions Club
Board Member Kazunori Murakami Sakura City Board of Education
Auditor Kenji Ito District Leader
Auditor Tomoo Tsuura Sakura City Sports Association

Term of Office: 5/10/2016-3/31/2017


Takashi Hanatsuka Mayor of Sakura City
Tetsuo Kosuge Chairman, Sakura City Council
Tetsuji Hashimoto Sakura City Superintendent
Akio Handa Former Chairman of Sakura City International Association
Bunryu Nozawa Former Chairman of Sakura City International Association
Shoji Masubuchi Former Deputy Chairman of Sakura City International Association

SCIA Activity Collaborator:(5/10/2016-3/31/2017)

Ms. Masami Inoue Ms. MihoTakahashi
Mr. Hitoshi Sekiguchi Takeshi Hiratsuka
Mr. Katsuyo Ohashi Ms. Minako Miyamoto
Ms. Chisa Ueda Ms. Eleine Kobayashi
Administrative Office
Address : 1857 Ujiie, ePlaza Ichibankan, Sakura City 329-1311
(JR Ujiie Station, East Exit)
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